A fresh approach to laundry.

Whether you’ve got a few items to wash, or several hampers full, our Lexington, SC laundromat is the place to go to make your clothes clean and refreshed.

Self-Service Coin Laundry

Do your whole week’s laundry in one go and save time and money using our heavy duty washers! Get in and get out with our super-fast washers and dryers.

Wash + Dry+ Fold Services

Let us wash, dry and neatly fold your items so you can stay ahead of the game and still have plenty of fresh clothes for you and your loves ones.

Business Laundry Services

Whether you need fresh uniforms for your employees or crisp linens for your catering company, our commercial wash and fold services are the best in the area.

Why Us?

Our goal is to create a beautiful, clean environment for you to come and wash your clothes efficiently.

Free Wi-Fi Connection

Laundry Essentials

24 Hour Surveillance

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